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DNS Zone Health Checker

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Examples #

Try a few example inputs:
  • [TRY] Analyze DNS zone of
  • [TRY] Analyze DNS zone of

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Description #

DNS Zone Health Checker is an ultimate tool to analyze the status of your DNS zone including IPv6 and DNSSEC settings. Well configured DNS name servers and records are crucial for every Internet project because DNS is one the first technologies that are being used when a visitor is about to access your website, well before their browser tries to connect to your server. If DNS is not configured properly, the visitor will be unable to reach you, or it might take the visitor much longer than needed to get to your website.

DNS Checker tool checks and validates all important features of DNS such as syntax, connectivity, delegation, consistency, name server availability, DNSSEC, etc. It works with over 200 rules in 10 different categories that can be checked and reported to the user. IDN domains are supported by our checker. If an internationalized domain is detected, it is transcribed to the ASCII format using Punycode before it is being checked.

The primary purpose of this tool is to help you prevent and solve problems with your DNS zone due to improper configuration of your name servers or your domain hosting's servers.

DNS Zone Health Checker is based on Zonemaster project by .SE and AFNIC.

Usage #

To run DNS Checker, fill in the Domain name field with a name of your DNS zone – i.e. domain name without subdomains, such as or Then hit the "Check!" button.

The result consists of a list of 10 report categories – SYSTEM, BASIC, ADDRESS, CONNECTIVITY, CONSISTENCY, DNSSEC, DELEGATION, NAMESERVER, SYNTAX, and ZONE. Each category contains a list of messages of various severity levels. The category icons tell you, what is the level of the most severe message within that category:

  • – Information level
  • – Notice level
  • – Warning level
  • – Error level
  • – Critical level

Click the category name to expand (or collapse) its list of messages. A severity level of each message is reflected in its text font as follows:

  • Information level – everything is OK, nothing to do here.
  • Notice level – there might be some things that could be improved in your configuration, but nothing serious.
  • Warning level – the DNS checker detected a problem that might cause troubles to some visitors under certain conditions, or might cause unnecessary delays in DNS resolution.
  • Error level – a significant error has been detected, which may cause real problems to reach you for some, and possibly many, of your visitors.
  • Critical level – a fatal error has been revealed in your configuration, you'd better fix this as soon as possible before your boss notices this, because she will!

Limits #

  • Domain name – Domain without subdomains.